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My useless philosophical ramblings about the ecology of programming languages (and OOP is not Java)

April, 13 2024

Premise I wanted to write this post to share, formalize, and expel my hopeless brain reveries about programming languages. Sometimes, as a hobby, I explore programming languages of different natures, and by doing this, I started to have an ethereal vision of what programming languages are. Keep in mind that I'm not an academic. My approach is pretty raw. I like to back up my points with sources,…


My Personal Tech Limbo (and Elixir vs Rust)

June, 13 2022

Another programming language battle? Elixir vs Rust who will be the winner? Why I wanted to write this article because I need a place to release all my suppressed emotions. My brain is obsessed with programming languages. I'm in the Tech Hype Cycle and instead of deep learning real stuff I'm procrastinating in a paradox of choice, information overload and FOMO hell. I want to pick a programming …


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